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Trio Tangata is a Tango ensemble, composed of three fine musicians, who are, for many years already, specialists in the Argentine Tango. In an innovating and unique style they compose arrangements of the tango music by Troilo, Pugliese, De Caro, Di Sarli, .Piazzolla, Salgan, Mores, etc. Furthermore they perform their own special compositions written by the pianist MMarkerink. Her music shows us the Argentine tango is still in full development. The musicians from Trio Tangata were members of the tango- ensemble , “Tango Dorado” and with them they toured in Holland and abroad.

With sense for drama, precision and master-skills Trio Tangata presents the Argentine tango in a performance full of energy. The group went on tour in Holland and abroad, like Toscana tour , recent to France, Belgique, and went 2 years before aswell to the heart of the tango: Argentina: Buenos Aires. Trio Tangata has made 2 CD's : "mis cosas favoritas" and "Historias del Sur". Guest-singers: José Rivero and Lilian Vieira on the last CD.

Trio Tangata worked with several professional dance-couples, and since recently more often with Carlos & Mirella from Dancalegria

With wonderfull singer Jeannine Geerts they perform a new wonderful show, filled with energy and melancholia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3IlV0tZcUA

In 2008 the pianist Margreet Markerink got the first price in the national composing competition for new tango dance-music, so called "Choclo"award.

On facebook Trio Tangata can be followed: www.facebook.com/­TrioTangata

The last CD "Historias del Sur" can be listened on http://soundcloud.com/­trio-tangata

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